July Radiants

(Official three-letter codes are in parentheses)

Important Note: Although the July radiants do not individually produce strong rates, activity from the Aquarius and Capricornus regions in July and early August, as well as minor activity from other radiants, cause hourly rates to basically rise between the middle and end of July for observers in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Therefore, clear, moonless nights can be quite enjoyable for anyone observing during late July.

Moderate Activity:
Recommended experience level: Intermediate and up

Southern Delta Aquarids (SDA)July 14-August 18July 28/29

Minor Activity
Recommended experience level: Expert

Alpha LyridsJuly 9-20Jul. 14/15
July Phoenicids (PHE)July 9-17Jul. 14/15
Alpha Pisces AustralidsJuly 16-August 13Jul. 30/31
Sigma CapricornidsJune 18-July 30Jul. 10-20
Tau CapricornidsJune 2?-July 29Jul. 12/13
Omicron DraconidsJuly 6-28Jul. 17/18