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Gamma Leonids

This daylight meteor shower was detected by two radio-echo surveys conducted during the 1960’s and is significant as it may represent a recurrence of January’s Delta Cancrid stream.

C. S. Nilsson (Adelaide Observatory, South Australia) was the first to observe this stream, when the radio program he was directing detected four meteors during August 18-22, 1961. The radiant was determined as RA=152.7°, DECL=+21.0°.

The second radio-echo detection of this stream was made by Zdenek Sekanina during the 1969 session of the Radio Meteor Project. The daylight shower was observed during August 14-September 12. The date of the nodal passage was given as August 25.4 (λ=151.8°), at which time the radiant was at RA=155.5°, DECL=+20.1°.

Sekanina considered that a slight chance existed that this stream was associated with the Delta Cancrids of January. The D-criterion was given as 0.285, so that it was a borderline association.

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