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The moon and the plans of the Pentagon

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) plans to develop infrastructure on the Moon for power and communications. As part of a seven-month study involving private companies, DARPA aims to create a technological base for human activity on and in orbit around the moon. The goal is to establish a prosperous lunar economy in the next 10 years, with various commercial services by 2035.

NASA plans to build a permanent base on the Moon and an orbital station around the Earth to turn the Moon into a colony and testing ground for future exploration of Mars. DARPA recognizes the importance of building a robust infrastructure for human activity on the Moon and selecting commercial service providers. A key focus of DARPA is the study of transmitting power and data to the Moon using sophisticated lasers to wirelessly transmit power and data simultaneously. The creation of such infrastructure on the Moon is considered a priority for the development of the lunar economy.

In September, the Advanced Research Projects Agency will select private companies with the best proposals to receive seed funding. Already at the beginning of next year, the first results of a new study should be presented, and then in June 2024, the most promising projects for the exploration of the moon will be shown at the Pentagon.

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