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Although visual radiants of this stream are a distinct rarity, it is interesting that its strongest support for existing is based on several photographic meteors detected during the 1950’s.

In all, seven meteors were detected by cameras operating in the United States and Czechoslovakia, with individual details subsequently being reported in H1959, MP1961 and C1977. The indicated duration covers March 18 to April 7, while the average radiant is RA=175.7°, DEC=+23.0°. The resulting orbit is


Zdenek Sekanina’s 1968-1969 session of the Radio Meteor Project also detected this stream. A very short duration of only 1.1 day was indicated, centered on March 10.6. The radiant was located at RA=166.6°, DEC=+28.1°. The subsequent average radio-echo meteor orbit is given on the next page.


There is a possibility that a radiant noted by Alexander S. Herschel during March 2-28, 1860-1881, might be associated with this stream. The average radiant position was given as RA=162°, DEC=+24°.

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