Leonid MAC 1999 mission

Leonid MAC Experience
of Gary W. Kronk

Around mid-September of 1999 I received an e-mail asking if I would be interested in participating in a NASA/Air Force mission to study the Leonid meteor shower during November of 1999. By the end of the month I was told I would be joining 38 other scientists to fly on the Leonid MAC 99 mission. What follows below is an account of my experience.

The Leonid MAC
mission logo

My ID badge photo taken at Edwards AFB for mission

Leonid MAC 1999


Day 1: Getting from St. Louis to San Francisco to Burbank to Lancaster

Day 2: Edwards Air Force Base

Day 3: We're Off!

Day 4: The First Test and Arrival at RAF Mildenhall

Day 5: Cambridge and Final Equipment Tests

Day 6: Relaxing Before the First Mission Night

Day 7: First Mission Night and Tel Aviv

Day 8: The Primary Mission Night and the Azores

Day 9: The Final Mission Night and Florida

Day 10: Journey Back to Edwards AFB and San Francisco

Day 11: Going Home