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There Is A Possibility That The Earth’s Core Has Changed Direction Of Rotation

Chinese scientists claim that the Earth’s solid inner core has almost stopped rotating and may be starting to move in the opposite direction. These results are associated with changes in the planet’s magnetic field and a decrease in the length of the day by fractions of a millisecond. These data highlight the dynamic interactions between the Earth’s layers.

It’s time to think about the influence of the planet’s core on the length of the day and fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field.

Some well-known experts believe that the data collected by the Chinese may have a completely different interpretation. Which?

Some scientists believe that gravitational forces may block the reverse rotation.

Our planet’s inner core is solid and consists primarily of iron and nickel. It is separated from the rest of the Earth’s surface by a liquid outer core, allowing it to rotate differently than the rest. The outer core is separated from the earth’s crust by the mantle. By studying how seismic waves are refracted as they pass through the center of the Earth, scientists conclude its structure and composition, as well as how different geosphere layers interact.

The fact that the solid core and the entire Earth can have different rotation speeds was first discussed in 1996. Then, this was shown in mathematical models. Moreover, the difference in speed is estimated at a huge amount – three degrees per year. Then, by studying seismic waves, they found that the difference is much smaller – about 0.2 degrees. This reduces the length of the day, but the amount is tiny, a fraction of a millisecond. Is it worth paying serious attention to it?

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