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“Fatal Supermoon” September 29, 2023

Supermoon surrounded by planets

A supermoon is when the full Moon comes within 225,000 miles (362,000 km) of Earth, and the perigee and full moon moments are no more than three days apart.

The full moon on September 29, 2023, will be accompanied by the glow of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury and will complete a series of four supermoons in a row.

The Moon on this day will be 223,637 miles (359,910 km) from Earth. The maximum phase of the full moon occurs at 09:57 GMT on September 29.

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In English-speaking countries, the full moon in September is usually called the Harvest Moon. In the Northern Hemisphere, the Harvest Moon usually occurs in September, but sometimes, every three to five years, it falls in October.

Among the Slavic peoples, the September full moon was called “Fatal” or “Fiery” since the Moon is usually in Aries at this moment, the hottest and most impulsive sign of the zodiac.

The October Full Moon, or Hunter’s Moon, will occur on October 28, 2023.

Orange Moon

When the Moon hangs low on the horizon, it takes on a golden, orange, or red hue. The reason is that the rays of the blue spectrum are scattered in the atmosphere, and the red ones remain, so the Moon takes on an orange or reddish tint for us.

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Full moon in September, among other nations

The Harvest Moon may be the full moon in September and October, depending on the autumnal equinox date. If the Harvest Moon falls in October, the September full moon is called the Corn Moon or Rutting Moon. At this time, mating season begins for deer.

Here’s what other people call the full moon in September:

Chinese: Chrysanthemum Moon
Celts: The Singing Moon
Wiccan: Barley Moon
Cherokee: Walnut Moon

Southern Hemisphere: Worm Moon, Lenten Moon, Crow Moon, Sugar Moon, Virgin Moon, Life Force Moon

Moon phases in September 2023

Credit: Farmers’ Almanac Staff

Last quarter: September 6, 22:21 GMT.
New Moon: September 15, 01:39 GMT.
First quarter: September 22, 19:31 GMT.
Full Moon: September 29, 09:57 GMT.

Full moon calendar 2023

Dates and times of each full moon this year:

January 7, Wolf Moon
February 5, Snow Moon
March 7, Worm Moon
April 6, Pink Moon
May 5, Flower Moon
June 4, Strawberry Moon

July 3, Deer Moon (supermoon)
August 1, Sturgeon Moon (supermoon)
August 31, Blue Moon (supermoon, largest full moon of 2023)
September 29, Harvest Moon (supermoon)

October 28, Hunter’s Moon
November 27, Beaver Moon
December 27, Cold Moon

When is the next supermoon?

Credit: Joelle Wallser

You’ll have to be patient for the upcoming supermoon, which is scheduled for September 18, 2024.

This event will be unusual because it coincides with a partial lunar eclipse, during which part of the Moon will move into the Earth’s shadow, taking on a reddish hue.

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