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The Neptune spacecraft rises into space on a space balloon powered by renewable hydrogen, with no rockets, and no carbon dioxide emissions. You climb slowly at 12 miles per hour. This experience is available to anyone who is medically able to fly on a commercial airline. The Space Perspective balloon is a proven technology used for decades on missions with NASA and other government agencies to lift research telescopes and other heavy, sensitive instruments.

Neptune is equipped with a backup descent system – four parachutes located between the capsule and the space ball. In an emergency, parachutes can easily and instantly replace the central systems, ensuring a safe landing. This type of parachute has been used by space agencies on more than a thousand missions over decades with a 100 percent success rate.

Credit: Space Perspective

The Space Perspective infrastructure was founded in 2019. Suborbital flights are scheduled to begin around the end of 2024.

Banner image: Space Perspective
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