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A Bluish-Green Sunset On The Red Planet. Unearthly Beauty

NASA’s Perseverance rover spotted a rare, strange “blue” event over the horizon of the Red Planet. In the photo, you can see the Sun setting below the Martian horizon and glowing a strange, cold, bluish-green color as the sky above the Red Planet darkens.

Images of sunrise and sunset captured by Mars rovers on the Red Planet not only show the strangeness of the alien planet but also help scientists study the composition of the Martian atmosphere.

Credit: Curiosity Rover, NASA; X

These colors occur because excellent dust is the right size to allow blue light to penetrate the atmosphere more effectively. When blue light is scattered by dust, it remains closer to the Sun than light of other colors.

Other parts of the sky are yellow to orange because the yellow and red light is scattered across the sky rather than being absorbed or staying close to the Sun.

Banner image: Mars Mission Images Bot, X
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