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How to represent the size of Jupiter?

Assuming that everything on the enlarged Earth scaled in the same way, things would be 25 times their original area size. Linear dimensions will be scaled approximately 11:1.

The length of the index finger is about 10 cm, on a Jupiterian scale it would be 1.1 m. This is a real pointer.

A 2m high front door on Jupiter would be 22m or about 7 stories high.

A4 sheet would be approximately 2.5 * 1 m2.

A soccer ball would have a diameter of about 1.6 m.

How big

What would our continents, countries, and oceans be like if Earth had the same surface area as Jupiter?

Australia would be the size of Russia.

New York State would be the size of Alaska.

How far

from Jupiter do you need to experience the same gravity as on the Earth’s surface?

In other words, how high above Jupiter is gravity equal to 9.82 m/s2?

You should be approximately 56,000 miles (90,000 km) from the center, and 26,700 miles (43,000 km) above the cloud tops.

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