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How to tame a black hole?

Scientists have proposed using the so-called “black hole” as an inexhaustible source of energy – a cosmic body with a density of matter trillions of times greater than that of terrestrial matter.

To use this force as a source of energy, you need to place a small “black hole” in the orbit of an artificial satellite of the Earth. For this purpose, a powerful spacecraft could be used. The “Black Hole” will move behind the ship in accordance with the laws of gravity, trying to absorb it. 

Having thus towed the “black hole” to the Earth, the ship will give way to an automatic apparatus, which, rotating in the same orbit, will send small balls of some substance to the “black hole” from a distance of 100 meters (which one does not matter) . Under the influence of the gravitational field of the “black hole” each such ball will be heated to a huge temperature, perhaps up to 100 million degrees. This temperature will be sufficient for a fusion reaction, similar to that which occurs in the explosion of a thermonuclear bomb.

A small part of the matter will be absorbed by the “black hole”, and the rest in the form of highly electrified gases will be ejected beyond the limits of gravity. Passing through the magnetic field of the generator located on board the spacecraft, the gases will create a powerful electric current in its winding. In the form of microwaves, this stream of electricity could be transmitted to huge ground-based antennas, and then converted back into ordinary electric current.

Science fiction? Yes.

Researchers admit that humanity may never be able to find, much less tame, a “black hole.” Still, they think it’s worth trying. As the calculation shows, one small “black hole”, placed high above the Earth, where it would not produce any chemical, radioactive, or any other by-products, could satisfy all the energy needs of mankind for an immeasurably long time.

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