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The Leonids
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Leonid MAC 1999:
Day 11 (November 21):
Going Home

I took the 7 a.m. shuttle to the airport and was checked in by 7:25. My ticket was for the 5:40 p.m. flight. I registered as standby and the ticket agent said I should have no problem making an earlier flight. I went to each gate to wait when boarding started. One by one each plane filled up and no standbys were taken. Finally, after 8 hours of waiting, I made the 3:10 flight. I got a window seat and enjoyed the scenery below. It got dark about halfway home. The plane landed at Lambert International at 8:23 p.m. CST.

My first task was finding my luggage. You see when I registered as a standby in San Francisco, they went ahead and shipped my luggage on the 9 a.m. flight. I went to the luggage claims area, as I had been told in San Francisco, and was given my luggage with no problem. Next I took a shuttle to the parking lot and got the car started. For the fun of it I changed into my flightsuit to surprise the boys. I started home and called Karen to let her know I would be early. When I got home I was very happy to see Karen, but disappointed to see the boys were not even going to wake up. They were just too wore out. I was too. It had been a trip many would consider a once in a lifetime event and I had plenty of memories to last a lifetime.

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