Email List

Meteorobs  is a great email mailing list that promotes discussion about meteors and meteor showers. Open to ALL people interested in observing meteors.

Fireball Reports

FIDAC reports from the International Meteor Organization tabulate fireballs reported by observers around the world


North American Meteor Network

The International Meteor Organization

The International Meteor Organization (Mirror)

Meteor Showers Online (New)

American Meteor Society, Ltd. (AMS)

Dutch Meteor Society (DMS)

The Meteoritical Society

Nippon Meteor Society

Spanish Comet and Meteor Society

Miscellaneous Pages

Phil Bagnall  has lots of interesting meteor oriented pages.

Bushnell Binoculars  has a large variety of quality binoculars from

Lew Gramer  has created this page discussing meteor storms.  has lots of info on meteors and aurora for radio amateurs.

Sirko Molau  maintains a page for observers who use video to study meteor showers.