December Radiants

(Official three-letter codes are in parentheses)

Major Activity:
Recommended experience level: Beginning and up

Geminids (GEM)December 6-19Dec. 13/14

Moderate Activity:
Recommended experience level: Intermediate and up

Ursids (URS)December 17-25Dec. 22

Minor Activity
Recommended experience level: Expert

Delta ArietidsDecember 8-January 2Dec. 8/9
11 Canis MinoridsDecember 4-15Dec. 10/11
Coma Berenicids (COM)December 8-January 23Dec. 18-Jan. 6
Sigma Hydrids (HYD)December 4-15Dec. 11/12
December Monocerotids (MON)November 9-December 18Dec. 11/12
Northern Chi Orionids (XOR)November 16-December 16Dec. 10/11
Southern Chi Orionids (XOR)December 2-18Dec. 10/11
Phoenicids (PHO)November 29-December 9Dec. 5/6
Alpha Puppids (PUP)November 17-December 9Dec. 2-5