Pieces of Another World

By Mara Rockliff

The childrens's book Pieces of Another World touched me deeply because it reminds me of the first times I took each of my boys out to look at the stars (10-15 years ago!). As in the story, these first times also involved meteor showers because, for me, it was the most dynamic way to introduce the night sky to them.

The book is beautiful to look at. As soon as I opened it up, I found myself thumbing through the pages enjoying the artwork. But the exciting thing I found when I started reading the book was that it was a nice story that accurately teaches the reader what a "shooting star" really is. I also liked the material following the story, as it defined several key terms associated with meteors, as well as illustrated a comet orbit. Of course, the comet cookies were also a treat. My wife, who also enjoyed the book, felt it necessary to bake a batch of those. They were excellent and will certainly give us something extra to take along the next time I speak to kids in schools and scouts!