Meteor Showers
2nd edition

By Gary W. Kronk

This is the second edition of the book Meteor Showers that was published by Enslow Publishers, Inc. in 1988. That book did well and I decided a few years ago to begin updating it. From research that spanned the late 1970s through 1987, I added new research that covered the years since that book's publication all the way into early 2013. In addition, my research never ended with that book and I was able to greatly expand the Introduction, as well as add to the original histories of the major showers. Many second- and third-hand reports were dropped in favor of the original publications, which includes more direct quotes from the people that made the discoveries and advances in meteor science.

Another benefit to this book is that my writings now span almost 30 years, during which time I have made a lot of friends in the field of meteor science. Subsequently, I was able to get access to raw data, as well as further insight into the importance of some research.

Since Enslow stopped publishing astronomy-related books back in the 1980s, I obtained a letter releasing the rights to this book back to me and then approached Springer about publishing this second edition. Springer jumped on this much quicker than I had imagined and made the book part of the excellent "Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy Series." With this honor, I feel that my interest in astronomy has come full circle, as the first astronomy book I ever purchased was the 1968 edition of Patrick Moore's "Amateur Astronomy." That book increased my interest in astronomy and certainly helped to start me on the path of observing, researching, and writing about this subject, especially comets and meteor showers.

Springer was great to work with and, after several months of polishing up the manuscript, this second edition is now available.